What We Do?

Helps you source, match up suppliers and verify them through our team.
We have a team of specialized people from all fields and related industries.

1- You select the product which you want to import.
2- We will locate all the suppliers and recommend who are best in industry.
3- Once you are satisfied with supplier, we can source the product catalogs.
4- If product is up to your requirement, our industry expert will personally visit supplier and verify the product.
5- We will help negotiate price between you and supplier.
6- Once everything is sorted out and product is shipped out, we will charge our consultation fee ranging from 5-10% based upon product and time spent.
7- All products are imported on your own documents .
8- Once product is shipped it’s totally Buyers responsibility to get it cleared from customs and have it delivered on your premises.
9- Whole process is totally transparent and you will know everything being done.

About Us

Behsa Exir Newsha(BEN) is a service oriented export trading company providing domestic and international companies the opportunity to export to new and existing market.With a philosophy deeply rooted in extensive market knowledge and personal relationships. The objectives of all the business entities involved are always carefully evaluated in order to execute flawless and profitable transactions through comprehensive business relationships worldwide, varying from shipping logistics to established in 2016 and operates as an intermediary between manufacturers and their international counterparts to better satisfy the needs and interest of both.

Contact Us

Address: No. 112, Tech.Building, Abbas Abad Ind. State, 55km from Tehran-Mashhad rd., Tehran-Iran    Postal Code: 3393165161

Tel/Fax: (+98) 21 36425806

Email: info@benewco.com