Behsa Exir Newsha(BEN) is a service oriented export trading company providing domestic and international companies the opportunity to export to new and existing market.With a philosophy deeply rooted in extensive market knowledge and personal relationships. The objectives of all the business entities involved are always carefully evaluated in order to execute flawless and profitable transactions through comprehensive business relationships worldwide, varying from shipping logistics to established in 2013 and operates as an intermediary between manufacturers and their international counterparts to better satisfy the needs and interest of both. Different business maybe extremely interested in the prospect of doing business internationally, but are unclear about the practices, opportunities, necessary documentation and vital overseas market characteristics. Likewise overseas buyers may have a great interest in Iranian products, but may not know how to best search the market for products or speak the language proficiently both aspects are essential for negotiating the best prices or effectively customizing products and documentation to meet local export laws.

BEN’s knowledge and philosophy help promote the right enterprising environment for export- ready manufacturers and their import-ready counterparts.  BEN has the capabilities and knowledge to handle a variety of often potentially risky transactions, in the international trade environment . BEN’s knowledge of cultures and business practices, combined with excellent connections, market research and a developed image will provide your business with rewarding opportunities. BEN R&D department have already started formulating & preparing & map out the strategies of potential markets in each division and unit of product to meet the vast requirement of our customer needs.

- Creating sustainable and profitable growth

- Creating value for our employees, business partners,   customers

- Mutual trust


Customer service : Commitment to customers, consumers and business partner

Teamwork: We have the ability to work together toward the company vision
 Quality: We are proud of the quality of the work done and the result
 Integrity: It is represented by honesty, fairness and accountability
Joy: We show passion for our work, act professionally and enjoy what we do



„THINK INTERNATIONAL, ACT REGIONAL" has always been our strategy in every plan we are leading. Biggest growth is the biggest challenge facing any business in the world today.
BEN admires the challenging environment in the market and has always welcomed the tough competition. Our goal is to be unique in everything we do and to be a role model in the industry. We need to gather all the facts, do the right research, and analyze the exact reports. We have to look at our business as a whole and not concentrate on one part.
Our goal is to be recognized as the best symbol for International Trading Company, and we will strive to grow both locally and globally.

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