Assesment capability of suppliers

Assesment capability of suppliers
we try to assess the ability of our suppliers to meet the requirements of a lead firm or buying firm including specifications about quality, timely delivery and environmental and safety standards.
Jul 4, 2019 10:14
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„THINK INTERNATIONAL, ACT REGIONAL" has always been our strategy in every plan we are leading. Biggest growth is the biggest challenge facing any business in the world today.
BEN admires the challenging environment in the market and has always welcomed the tough competition. Our goal is to be unique in everything we do and to be a role model in the industry. We need to gather all the facts, do the right research, and analyze the exact reports. We have to look at our business as a whole and not concentrate on one part.
Our goal is to be recognized as the best symbol for International Trading Company, and we will strive to grow both locally and globally.

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