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We address people with a positive attitude and willingness to take on challenges and be part of the team to take us to the next level. If you believe you are the one, send your CV to info@benewco.com. Your CV will be reviewed by our experts and if your certificates meet the requirements of the job you will be considered and become one Invited job interview.

Job Description
  •  Identifying and prioritizing target market & countries
  • Collecting international commercial data related to the products
  • Collecting commercial information about target countries
  •  Performing market research operations and preparing related reports
  • Identifying marketing tools in target countries
  •  Identifying potential customers
  • Identifying international exhibitions and planning necessary arrangements for participating or visiting
  • Developing sales and distribution channels & Tracking contracts with new customers


  • At least 2 years of experience in the related field
  •  Master’s or Bachelor’s degree of Business, marketing or other related fields
  • Strong communication skills
  • Analyzer of International Markets
  • Experienced enough in field of exporting
  • Full knowledge of business and commerce
  • Fluent in English
  • Job Description

    • Controlling Sales and Purchase Invoices
    • Preparation and adjustment of policies, guidelines, methods and financial procedures, and the preparation and design of required forms, in order to coordinate the performance of financial affairs of different units
    • Register daily documents and transactions in accounting system
    • Preparing Monthly Staff Payroll and Salary record.
    • Ensure that documents are registered in the system on a daily basis
    • Controlling all accounting documents, invoices, bank statements
    • Control and follow up receivable and payable accounts
    • Proficient in government regulations like tax declaration, SSO, VAT, Labor Law, etc.
    • Monitoring all affairs of treasury including checking the bank accounts, issue the cheques , treasury accounting etc.
    • Proficient in Government Regulations like Tax Declaration, VAT, Labor Law, etc.
    • Other related tasks


    • Experience accountant with minimum 3 years’ experience in general accounting and specialized in sales and direct distribution.
    • Skilled in tax, insurance Skilled in salaries & wages, orders, cost accounting and depreciation, financial statements & tax returns
    • University Qualifications: University Graduate; BSc in Accounting
    • Minimum 3 years of experience and track record in a senior management accountancy role (experience in a trading company is a plus)
    • Advanced command of MS Office applications and thorough knowledge of computerized business, accounting and financial packages
    • Excellent command of English, and good knowledge of English accounting terminology
    • Strong analytical, time management, and multi-tasking skills; ability to work under pressure; excellent communication skills; supportive team leader




„THINK INTERNATIONAL, ACT REGIONAL" has always been our strategy in every plan we are leading. Biggest growth is the biggest challenge facing any business in the world today.
BEN admires the challenging environment in the market and has always welcomed the tough competition. Our goal is to be unique in everything we do and to be a role model in the industry. We need to gather all the facts, do the right research, and analyze the exact reports. We have to look at our business as a whole and not concentrate on one part.
Our goal is to be recognized as the best symbol for International Trading Company, and we will strive to grow both locally and globally.

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